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Lowrey Chocolate Butter <br>Cookies (430g) Devon Food Lowrey Chocolate Butter <br>Cookies (430g) Devon Food

Lowrey Chocolate Butter Cookies (430g)

$37.99 $33.99

We believe that this Butter Cookies are the best tasting Butter Cookies in the world. Made with four simple ingredients one of which is New Zealand cultured organic butter, this artisanal bakers have crafted a cookie which is indulgent and luxuriant - appealing to those who enjoy the best in life.Four delicious flavours - Original, Chocolate, Coffee, & Matcha

Lowrey Shortbread<br>Chocolate (200g) Devon Food Lowrey Shortbread<br>Chocolate (200g) Devon Food

Lowrey Shortbread Chocolate (200g)

$19.99 $17.99

Handcrafted Lowrey Shortbread Biscuit, just like Mother used to make.Our bakers have reprised an old family recipe, using skilled honed over generations and quality ingredients have crafted a light luxuriant Shortbread taste which send consumers back to their childhood and sunny days spent in their grandmothers kitchen. FOUR classical flavours, Original, Almond, Cranberry and Chocolate.