Beach Club Signature Blend (250g)

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Brand Beach Club

Product Coffee bean

Coffee Blend Signature Blend
Coffee Origin PNG Lamari & Brazil Doce Verao

As Black Chocolate, Orange, and Tropical fruit
As Milk Malt, Raisin, and Sweet chocolate

Beachclub proudly introduces its crafted signature blend that has been roasted in the heart of Auckland's coffee power house. It is a well-balanced blend of Brazil Doce Verao & Papua New Guinea Lamari while the PNGL adds the modern acidity to the blend and the BDV brings the backbone of the blend to make the signature have more sweetness and the bigger body. We have taken the PNGL a precisely darker to reduce the acidity and create longer more satisfying finish. Hope you enjoy this great journey of taste with Beachclub Signature Blend.