Fresh Soybean Sprouts (300g / 700g)

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Sales unit 1 pack

Weight/Capacity 300g / 700g

Delivery Next-day delivery (Before 5:00PM) / 2-day delivery (After 5:00PM) (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Origin Canada

Contains Soybean

Packaging type  Fresh / 1 pack (Stored refrigerated below 4℃)

Supplier Han Chang Foods

Allergy Information Soybean Sprouts

Ingredients  Non-GM Soybean

Information Soybean sprout is a culinary vegetable grown by sprouting soybeans. It can be grown by placing and watering the sprouted soybeans in the shade until the roots grow long. Soybean sprouts are extensively cultivated and consumed in Korea.

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