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Korean Stir-Fry Spicy Chicken

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Dakgalbi [Uchef]

Meal Kit

Soy Sauce

Medium Spicy

Serving: 2~3

15 minutes


Boneless chicken thighs, Dakgalbi sauce, Assorted vegies, Korean rice cake, mozzarella cheese



1. Korean Stir-fry Spicy Chicken  (Dakgalbi  Chilli Paste Sauce)

 (1) Prepare vegies (perilla leaves of your choice)

 (2) Add oil to the pan and wait till the pan is hot

 (3) Spread the cabbage on the pan with onion, rice cake and sweet potato. Put the marinated chicken on top of the vegies with Dakgalbi sauce on it

 (4) Cook over high heat. Keep stirring so the pan does not burn. Continue until everything is mixed evenly.

 (5) The rice cake wll be cooked first, followed by the sweet potato and chicken. Now you can eat – ENJOY

 (6) Add some Mozzarella cheese on cooked Dakgalbi and allow a few minutes. Then you can enjoy different taste of Dakgalbi.

 (7) When it’s almost finished, add some rice and bit of chopped kimchi to what’s left on the pan and stir fry over medium heat for a few minutes.


2. Soy Sauce Marinated Stir-fry Chicken  (Dakgalbi – Sweet Soy Sauce)

 (1) Add oil to the preheated pan, and sizzle the outside of the chicken nibbles.

 (2) Next, add in the hard ingredients ( pumpkin, carrot, kumara) with the rice cakes and let it steam with the lid placed over the pan.

 (3) Add in the prepared cabbages and onions with the soy sauce and stir fry it in high heat until perfectly cooked.

 (4) Lastly, finish the dish by topping the grated cheese while the heat lasts.

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