Lowrey Crunchy Cheese Havarti (40g)

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Crunchy Cheese Keto suitable, tasty and perfect for low carb eating.

Product features and benefits

. Made from 100% Australian Milk
·100% Australian cheese. All nature ingredients
·Gluten free. Wheat free. Soy free
·Great source of calcium and protein
·No additives, preservatives, and artificaial colour. No refrigeration required!
·A one-year life. Store at room temperature
·Suitable for consumers of all ages
·35% to 40% more calcium per gram than current milk slices on the market
·37.2 g of protein per 100g
·Great as a snack, or to replace cheese in salads, stews and soups
·Manufactured in an exclusive patented process

Crunchy Cheese requires no refrigeration
All cheese needs to be refrigerated to avoid spoilage and maintain its natural goodness. Crunchy Cheese gives you the convenience of fresh cheese with-out the need for refrigeration. Suitable for snacking wherever you are – Hiking, cycling, picnics, sailing, or with family and friends enjoy the goodness of fresh cheese.

Store at room temperature for up to one year.

Lowrey Crunchy Cheese is 100% Australian cheese!
Unlike many cheese flavoured confectionery available Crunchy Cheese is not made from flavoured puffed corn or other starches – just wholesome and delicious cheese with-out preservatives.

Patented drying process
Crunchy Cheese is gently heated to low temperatures and the moisture is extracted in a long gentle process unlike other oven baked cheese balls. We believe that this method retains 100% of the goodness of fresh cheese in our Crunchy Cheese Snacks.

This process delivers 35-40% nutritional value than the equivalent weight of fresh cheese.

High nutritional content
The calcium content of Lowrey Crunchy Cheese is 35% higher than any of the Australian and New Zealand milk slices currently on the market. Our Crunchy Cheese has no added sugar compared to with up to 50% sugar in some milk slices, and contains 37 grams of protein, or, half the recommended daily intake of protein per pack.

Low carbohydrate
LOWREY CRUNCHY CHEESE is a low-carb, high protein snack perfect for anyone on the Ketogenic diet.