Spicy Braised Monkfish

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SIM_Spicy Braised Monkfish

Spicy Braised Monkfish [Simcook]


 Fresh packaging considering material properties

 [Vacuum packaging & ice pack & cold storage pack]


-How to store-

If you eat it the day you receive it or the next day

Refrigerated storage, Pork back ribs if eaten later ,

Store cheese frozen/ refrigerated sauce


 - Validity -

3 days from the date of receipt when refrigerated


Meal Kit 

2 people

10~15 minutes


Capacity: 1000 ml

Monkfish, seasoned broth, water parsley, green onion, rice flour water, mid-duck duck, bean sprouts



1.Put all the prepared Monkfish, seasoned broth, and bean sprouts in a pot. Do not close the lid and let it boil

2. When the kohlrabi is slightly cooked, add rice flour water.

3. When the bean sprouts are cooked and the soup is thick, turn off the heat and mix with water parsley.

4. Sprinkle with sesame oil and sesame seeds to finish. Tip! If you want a more crunchy texture of bean sprouts, it is recommended to lightly blanch the bean sprouts in hot water and mix them with water parsley at the end.