Stir-fried Beef

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Stir-fried Spicy Beef [The Place]


 Fresh packaging considering material properties

 [Vacuum packaging & ice pack & cold storage pack]


-How to store-

If you eat it the day you receive it or the next day

Refrigerated storage, Pork back ribs if eaten later ,

Store cheese frozen/ refrigerated sauce


 - Validity -

3 days from the date of receipt when refrigerated


Meal Kit 

1~2 people

10~15 minutes


Capacity: 550g

Seasoned Bulgogi, Assorted Vegetables (Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Water Parsley)



1. Put oil in a frying pan and preheat it over medium heat.

2. Add all seasoned assorted vegetables and bulgogi and stir-fry.

3. When the vegetables are cooked to some extent, add sesame oil and fry them together for 10 seconds.

4. When all the ingredients are cooked, put them on a plate and complete.