Stir Fried Beef Brisket Vege Set

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MW-Stir Fried Beef Brisket Vege Set

Stir Fried Beef Brisket Vege Set

Stir Fried Beef Brisket Vege Set is great Munchies Set or Meal dish and easy to cook. 

It is even better if you stir-fry it with meat and fresh vegetables and eat it spicy.

 Sales unit 1 pack

Weight/Capacity 600g

Delivery Same-day delivery (Before 8:00AM) / Next day delivery (After 8:00AM) (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Public holidays) / 1 or 2-day delivery (Out of Auckland)

Packaging type Multi

Fresh packaging considering material properties

[Vacuum packaging & ice pack & cold storage pack]

Frozen Meat-1 pack (Keep in freezer at of below -18℃) / Fresh Vege - 1 pack (Stored refrigerated below 4℃)

Supplier MADWOK

Ingredients  Beef Brisket Chadol 200g, Mixed capsicum 45g(Red, Yellow, Green capsicum), Bean Sprouts 100g, Bok Choy 130g, Sauce 40g (Oyster Sauce, Light Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, MSG, Sugar, Pepper, Chicken Stock), Chilli pepper powder 5g

 Allergen Information Soybean, pepper, chilli pepper, Sesame


 -How to store-

Refrigerate for up to 2 days or store frozen to keep for longer.

  - Validity -

2~3 days from the date of receipt when refrigerated

Meal Kit 

  1- 2 people

10~15 minutes

      1. Preheat pan with oil and stir fry the Beef Brisket Chadol  until half cooked.
      2. Add in the Mixed capsicums and Bak choy in a quick pace for 1 min.
      3. Then add in the prepared sauce , Bean Sprouts and stir fry until cooked.
      4. Crack in an chilli pepper powder to your preference. Enjoy~~